A deck railing material is very important while creating the railcraft for the deck giving it the finishing touch. There are many points to be considered while choosing a material for perfect deck railing. Railing material should be chosen carefully when one is designing a Waterproof deck. While wood is considered traditionally to provide elegance to the decor, it has several disadvantages, especially when it is to be installed in outdoor. If one is to install a protective railing outside, aluminium railings are the best choice to be considered.

 Wood Vs Aluminium

  • Ease of maintenance: This is the most troubling aspect of wood. It is prone to problems like rotting, cracking, attack by termites or carpenter ants. To prevent it from these damages, it has to be painted once in every two years or so or to be replaced. But in the case of aluminium there is almost no maintenance required.
  • Durability and Safety: Wood is strong, but its tendency to wear and tear requires a lot of treatments otherwise it may split, crack, splinter or rot. Aluminium on the other hand is very durable and lasts for years without any safety issue.
  • Flexibility of design: Aluminium is a flexible material and can be molded into different shapes and sizes according to the requirement. Wood does not yield itself to give customized designs.

Some of the other advantages of aluminium Railcrafts are

  • Fast installation
  • Maintenance free / no rust
  • Salt water resistant
  • High quality powder coat finish
  • Unlimited life span
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Largest selection of top rail designs
  • Standard & custom colors

These advantages of aluminium make it the preferred material for numerous applications from aircraft parts to store fronts. For a little higher price than wood, one can get the same strength and durability for railings. Although the initial expenditure may be slightly greater with aluminium railings, the amount spent is a sound investment because one needs to spend anything on maintenance.

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